Vida's Global Impact

Last March, the Vida team took a trip to a small community in the Dominican Republic to source coffee and we wanted to share what we saw.​

​Beads of sweat roll down her matted forehead as her back hunches over from the weight of the 65 kg bag (roughly 145 lbs). As she makes her way down a steep, rocky hillside, her blue flip-flops offer her little traction or support- but she carries on. Every movement is empowered by the image of her hungry children waiting on her in her small hut sized home.

This is the reality a large number of the coffee farmers face. Paid only once a year at the stock market value of their coffee per pound, they are barely able to afford their bare necessities.

​Vida is actively working to change this by paying our farmers roughly three times more than the stock market value and building relationships. We visit our farmers in Franco Bido, Dominican Republic every year to ensure they are receiving fair pay, treatment and help to improve their coffee processes.

​We pay them more because we care. This means that with every purchase YOU are helping them pay for food, healthcare, education, and more!

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