Marquette's Influence

Vida Coffee is a proud part of Marquette University’s Blue & Gold Venture Program. This organization was founded with the goal to place students in real world experiential learning opportunities. This challenges them in a unique way that you simply cannot replace with a classroom and textbook. The students working in B&G Ventures learn how to successfully and independently run a fully functioning business. Within each company is a team of student leaders with a passion for their business and a drive to growth both the business and themselves.

The Vida family is full of young, passionate students with an entrepreneurial spirit and drive. The mission set forward by our founders has been carried on by these hard working students. To this day we are staying true to our promise to help customers foster connections with people in their community. As well as our mission to connect our students and community to a world network of people by integrating our services with our core values.

The influence Marquette has had on us cannot be understated. The education and experiences Marquette offers each student is something you cannot find anywhere else. Each day we are gifted with a network of supportive and inspirational colleagues, peers, and advisors who want to see us grow. From the guidance and advice of faculty and staff to the support of alumni and students, we could not be more grateful.

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