Blue & Gold Ventures

Just a year ago, Marquette University launched a program called Blue & Gold Ventures, Inc. (B&G), which opened the door for undergraduate students to enter the business world as early as their freshman year. The program provides students with experiential learning opportunities by allowing them to take on leadership roles and even start their own businesses within the Milwaukee area.

Vida, one of seven ventures currently being launched by B&G, is managed entirely by Marquette University students. This management structure is a unique learning platform that is not accessible in the classroom. Students at Vida are constantly growing individually and learning the importance of teamwork and collaboration. The students at Vida are exposed to a network of intelligent, experienced individuals that consistently provide guidance, advice, and support.

Vida stems from another previously existing Marquette student-run business called Buena Vida. When first launched, Buena Vida aimed to use coffee as a tool to connect people from different parts of the world in order to build meaningful relationships and promote a global community. Vida has now adopted this mission and plans to carry on the legacy of Buena Vida.

For more information, visit B&G’s website!

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