Vida a la Bode Kit



Truly Great Coffee

Vida strives to deliver a balanced, memorable experience by serving quality coffees that tells a story. 

We partner with small farmers worldwide and top roasters locally, working with each to tailor our processing methods, roast profiles and brewing recommendations. This way, the unique character of our partners can bloom - in your cup!


Student-Run Business

As a part of Marquette University's student-run business program, Blue & Gold Ventures, Vida is built on the hard work and passion of its student leaders.

Because we leverage the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit of our team through all aspects of the business (sourcing, processing, selling, distributing, etc.), we provide unparalleled hands-on learning experiences, preparing students to be tomorrow’s global business leaders.


Vida's Global Impact: Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 

Coffee is among the largest global industries, yet rural villages hand-pick billions of the beans we consume. The farms supplying even respected companies like Starbucks suffer from low pay, often resorting to child labor to make ends meet.


Vida believes quality and ethics come hand-in-hand. We invest in relationship with the families growing our coffee, and we pay them properly (up to 3x market rates) to insure our farms produce high quality coffees in a sustainable way.


Soon, you can join our annual trips to "origin" as we innovate great products with our farm partners! Stay tuned . . .